Nick Kroll teases Season Two of Kroll Show on Comedy Central

Nick Kroll’s sketch comedy character study and TV parody, Kroll Show, returns for a second season on Comedy Central on Jan. 14, 2014.

But you can catch up on the best of season one as well as sneak peeks from season two tonight.

And Kroll gave The Comic’s Comic a tease, as well. What Kroll told us: “I think honestly, though, it is an extension of everything we were doing in season one, and just continuing to grow these worlds out. It sounds sort of like a quote-y thing, but it really is what we’re doing. So every character – and there are some new characters that we start in season one that expand – the goal is that everything keeps mutating and growing and expanded. There are arcs throughout the season, but everything is still sort of contained in one episode. You don’t need context for understanding it.”

One such sketch spiral from season one started with PubLizity, about two PR reps named Liz (played by Kroll and Jenny Slate). When they suggest one of their clients, Dr. Armond, a plastic surgeon for pets, should have his own show…we cut to that show. Behold, Armond of the House.

As in the surreal reality of “reality” TV programming, Kroll’s satire spins off just as they do.

So we follow Armond About Town.

And even Armond’s son, in Roman’s Empire.

Will the second season follow a similar structure, with a personal monologue from Kroll followed by these series of parodies on contemporary “reality” television?

“There’s a general structure, but episodes are beginning and running and depending upon what works best for that individual episode,” Kroll said. “There is a structure, but it’s also very loose and very malleable. Comedy Central has been very very cool about letting us create each specific episode to tailor to that show and given us the freedom to make the kind of show we want to make.”

How does it feel to be part of this renaissance of sketch –- including Key and Peele, Inside Amy Schumer and more — on Comedy Central and TV in general?

“I think it’s amazing. And Nathan’s show (Nathan For You), too. I think it’s a credit to Kent (Alterman), and I work with Jim Sharp and Monika (Zielinska) on my show, and Brooke (Posch) in New York.”

Good job name-checking development executives!

“I think credit where credit is due. They continue to allow us, and I think the network is making better and better shows that allow people to express themselves the way they want to do it. I think like Drunk History and shows like that have been a nice addition to just making really funny smart interesting new kind of programming. So I’m thrilled to be a part of it. Because I like all of those people.”

If you’d like more of a look back on where Kroll Show has been so far, here’s a clip of Kroll speaking to Seth Meyers last month at The Paley Center for Media, alongside his fellow executive producers John Levenstein and Jonathan Krisel.

Kroll Show‘s greatest hits of season one and sneak peeks at season two airs tonight on Comedy Central. The second season premieres officially Jan. 14, 2014.

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