Todd Barry conducted a phone interview with The Onion, then got to read the results and add his own comments.

Example, please? This one’s for you, Todd.

AVC: You consider anything fair game for
comedy, but what wouldn’t you put in your act?

TB: There are certain things that are probably too mean.
I don’t particularly like fat jokes. Those kind of bother me. But I guess what
I was trying to say is, if I said I would never laugh at this, you could
probably dig around and find a situation where I did laugh. I try not to be a
hypocrite with that one. I find when there’s a controversy about someone saying
something offensive, I usually take the angle of, "Well, I don’t know if that
was offensive; it just wasn’t funny." I generally don’t gasp, "Oh my God!" I
think people have been getting raked over the coals lately.

[An incredibly controversial answer. The kind
of answer that will get picked up by various wire services and take both of us
to the next level. LA-I.