Christian Audigier gets it, sort of: Prepare for “The Ed Hardy Boyz 2”

If there were one pop culture thing that pretty much all comedians could agree upon making a mockery of in 2009, it was the "Ed Hardy" T-shirt, and more specifically, the people who wore said shirts, hats and other fashion accessories. Nick Kroll and Jon Daly were two such comedians who took it to the next level late last year with their own Funny or Die video spoof as The Ed Hardy Boyz.

But. Would you believe. The "designer" responsible for creating the Ed Hardy line and making millions off of it, Christian Audigier, not only loved The Ed Hardy Boyz but also met personally with Kroll and Daly? It's true. I've seen pictures. And today we all can see this new trailer for their latest spoof of the Hardy Boys mysteries. Looks bigger, brasher, and certainly with plenty more Ed Hardy. Looks like Audigier believes that getting the joke matters, and also that there's no such thing as bad publicity. Roll the trailer?

Sean L. McCarthy

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