A brief reunion with Matt Iseman, host of TV’s “Sports Soup” and handyman on “Clean House”

Harvard may have Conan O'Brien, but Princeton has me. And Matt Iseman. And many other funny people to claim as alumni, but this is a post about my classmate (and reunion chairman) Matt Iseman, who went through medical school at Columbia after our college graduation and was going to be a doctor — until he decided he really wanted to be a stand-up comedian. It has worked out for him in unexpected ways, as he's now the host of Sports Soup, the weekly show on cable's Versus network that takes the Soup formula (and production team) and focuses instead on the silliest sports highlights.

Iseman also is one of the comedians who co-hosts the popular Style Network show, Clean House. And it's that job that brought him back east, as they've been cleaning house in Wayne, N.J., for the past week. Last night, before he and his crew were ready to reveal their handiwork, Iseman commuted into NYC and met up with me to watch another packed fun edition of Whiplash at the UCB Theatre (the lineup hosted by Leo Allen featured Rob Cantrell, Hannibal Buress, Michelle Biloon and Don Glover). Afterward, we shared news about our fellow classmates, and then I talked Iseman into chatting a bit about himself for you guys. Roll it!

Sean L. McCarthy

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