Have you seen the trailers for the upcoming movie, 21 and Over?

Would you like to see a little something that’s a little more, your style?

Here is the official trailer to Average Party. Tagline: “Sometimes, one big party can change your life. But usually not.” Roll it!

Dan Perrault, who co-stars and co-wrote the video, told The Comic’s Comic: “The inspiration was Project X, but we definitely also considered movies like The Hangover and Superbad when we wrote it. We actually shot it several months ago and decided to release it now because the timing felt right with 21 and Over coming out last Friday.”

“I must admit, another inspiration for Average Party was our own, very average parties.”

“Average Party” also features Adam Cagley, Sean Carrigan, PJ McCabe, Cameron Van Hoy, Ethan Rosenberg and Jon Barrett. It’s directed and co-written by Tony Yacenda.

Notice in the trailer that it’s credited to “Woodhead Entertainment: A viral video media company making fake trailers.” This is their second effort. Their first came out for Halloween 2011 and featured former child star Jonathan Lipnicki. This was “Shark Pool.”