Jennifer Lopez does stand-up on Lopez Tonight; same night Jon Lovitz coaches “The Bachelor” ladies

Was it Monday night amateur hour stand-up comedy night on the TV, and I just didn't see the memo? Or was 2010's weird take on Martin Luther King Jr.'s federal holiday supposed to redefine having the dream as letting any pretty woman become a stand-up comedian on TV? Either way, J.Lo looked good. Are we still calling her J.Lo? 

Jennifer Lopez "hijacked" Lopez Tonight, as the show's own site called it, by strutting onstage first and delivering the monologue instead of the Lopez who hosts the show named George. Some of the comments on the Lopez Tonight site are funny in how they're like, oh, no, no, don't replace my George Lopez. When really we should be focused on how confident J.Lo looked delivering jokes (TelePrompter or no prompter). Roll the clip!

Earlier Monday night, eight of the remaining women who are willing to be embarrassed on national television by sleeping with the same guy who'll never marry them — aka, ABC's The Bachelor — suddenly seemed more embarrassed by the prospect of writing a short stand-up comedy. Aha! Plus, they got to meet Jon Lovitz and have him coach them at his Jon Lovitz Comedy Club. It was just like Comedy Boot Camp, except with a TV credit and without Kyle Cease! He should sue for copyright infringement. Am I right, ladies? ABC is now on Hulu, but neither of their sites are wisenheimered up enough to give us this clip themselves, so you'll have to sit through some of the drama mellows here:

Is this all two steps forward, one step backward for women in comedy, or just a hysterical coincidence that both of these happened on the TV last night? Probably both.

UPDATED! Holy crapballs! Hulu has posted a short clip of the "Bachelor" beauties bombing something fierce in their pathetic attempt to get their bachelor's attention. Instead of, well, writing any jokes. Why did anyone have to see this??? Watch at your own risk:


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