John Oliver’s New York Stand-Up Show debuts on Comedy Central

Ready for six episodes of high-quality stand-up comedy? Ready or not, Comedy Central is bringing it to you over its television network at 11 p.m. Fridays, starting tonight with the debut of John Oliver's New York Stand-Up Show.

Oliver, best known as a correspondent on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, hosts and will give you what amounts to a new hourlong special of his own over the course of the series. That's cool. Also great: Pretty much everyone he'll be showcasing to you. Tonight's debut features Maria Bamford, Fabrice Fabrice (Nick Kroll), Greg Fitzsimmons, and a triple dose from Eugene Mirman. It's all funny stuff that the comedy nerds in New York City and Los Angeles may have heard before, but it's great to see it get showcased on a national/global scale via Comedy Central. Want to know who else taped sets for the show? Full list of comedians here.

Here's a clip of Rob Riggle "helping" John Oliver promote his show. Roll it!

Related: John Oliver talked recently with the New York Times about his series. Relevant quote? Sure thing! I did done cut it and pasted it for you:

The comedians on your Comedy Central series, they were chosen just because they‚Äôre performers that you liked? "And Comedy Central liked. It wasn‚Äôt just me. Alongside the fact that we‚Äôre trying to book it so there are very different styles of comedian in each show. So you can get Maria Bamford in one segment, and a young guy like Hannibal Buress in another. The only thing that really binds them as comedians is a high level of quality."

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One thought on “John Oliver’s New York Stand-Up Show debuts on Comedy Central

  1. I saw the first episode on Comedy Central’s Screening Room site a few weeks ago and it was really good! I’d seen a lot of Maria Bamford, Eugene Mirman’s bit before, but they were still GREAT to see on TV.
    I kind of wish Nick Kroll would have done straight stand up instead of coming on as Fabrice Fabrice, but it was still good.
    Definitely looking forward to episodes featuring the newer/younger comics, especially Hannibal Buress, Hari Kondabolu (LOVE his material), and Pete Holmes.
    And anything featuring Marc Maron and PFT has my full attention.
    This, plus John Mulaney on The Very Funny Show on TBS was a lot to DVR last night.

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