“Trump vs Bernie” wins Fusion nomination for TV series, election specials

No matter what happens tonight in voting for the “Super Tuesday” states, Trump vs. Bernie will become a TV staple throughout the remainder of the 2016 presidential campaign — Fusion has ordered up a series, specials and more commentary from comedians and impersonators Anthony Atamanuik and James Adomian.

The Comic’s Comic spoke with Atamanuik and Adomian last month when their mock debate tour rolled through New York City (listen here), and they already were filming it all.

Their tour, coincidentally or perhaps not so much now, kicked off just over a month ago at Fusion’s F-Comedy stage during the RIOT L.A. festival.

You can watch Atamanuik (as Trump) and Adomian (as Sanders) soak up the election results of Super Tuesday tonight during a special Facebook livestream at 11 p.m. Eastern tonight on Fusion’s F-Comedy page.

Fusion also will broadcast Trump vs. Bernie installments during the campaign on Fusion’s online platforms, Facebook, YouTube, and — plus a one-hour special later this spring featuring moments from the current debate tour, and a second primetime debate featuring the two comedians as their candidate counterparts.

Trump vs. Bernie on Fusion comes from Serious Business, the same creators and executive producers of Comedy Central’s @midnight.

Speech! Speech! Quotes:

“Our show is comedic activism and an opportunity to present the best cutting political satire of the 2016 election cycle,” Atamanuik​ said. “We are certain that, partnered with FUSION, Trump vs. Bernie will be a much-needed indictment of the Clown Car politics of this year’s primary season. Trump vs. Bernie is a scathing delivery of truth as comedy in a media sea of confusion and collusion to maintain the status quo.”

“We are beyond excited to be bringing our Trump vs. Bernie debate series to FUSION. The crowd response to our live tour has been fantastic, and the opportunity to now do it for a wider audience on TV and the internet is exactly what we want,” Adomian said. “Anthony and I have been playing Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders respectively for a while and I can’t describe the pure fun it has been touring together ­ it’s almost like an evil vs. good pro wrestling event. Doing fun but dangerous political satire like this in the middle of a national election for a big audience is a lifelong dream.”

“James and Anthony are two of the most brilliant satirists we’ve seen. Through their outrageous takes on Trump and Sanders, they’re holding a mirror up to an election that is shaping up to be the biggest circus yet,” said Bryan Carmel​, Head of Comedy and VP of Development at FUSION. “We are thrilled to have this talented duo coming to FUSION to satirize the political process. Ideologues on both sides of the political spectrum are in for a treat.”


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