I know it seems as though I point out every new venture that Front Page Films does, but the truth is, I don't write about all of their videos, and their "Hotel" series of shorts isn't exactly new — they screened these for a live audience months ago at the UCB Theatre in NYC. It was part of an Atom.com live show, as I recall, and it's just now gone live on Atom.com. The 11 "Hotel" episodes feature Matt McCarthy as a hotel guest and Pete Holmes as the bellboy who won't go away. Start with "Room Service" (note: contains NSFW language and subject matter) and head anywhere from there. Coincidentally, Holmes is taping his first half-hour stand-up special for Comedy Central Presents tonight in NYC; McCarthy, meanwhile, was a finalist for New York's Funniest Stand-Up contest and appears regularly on your TV in the Verizon ad campaign (his ads may even pop up while you're watching his Atom.com series — magic!). OK. Enough with the exposition. Roll the clips! Front Page Films presents "Hotel," on Atom.com.