Ah, memories. In Seattle and all points Northwest, comics are battling it out for the 30th year to see who'll win the Seattle International Comedy Competition. Look here for nightly results and the full list of comedians. When comedians ask me about comedy contests, I always remind them that there'll usually be some weird event or politics that'll drive you crazy, so try not to get too wrapped up in that, and just be funny and enjoy the experience (win or lose). And in Seattle's 30th anniversary year, they've linked back to my very own blog posts about competing in the 1998 prelims (Spoiler alert! I didn't win.). That was the first time I put my daily journals onto the Internets for immediate worldwide consumption. Now look at us, Internets! Now look at us. How far we've all come. Wish I could be back in Seattle to enjoy the madness this November — good luck to all of you who are competing!