Can game shows conform to the rules of the road online?

A new series, Money Where Your Mouth Is, debuted this week on Hulu, hosted by Jay Mohr and sponsored by Campbell’s Chunky soup. It’s only 15 minutes long. And since it’s Hulu, you will see the ads.

The format pits three friends against each other as contestants, putting up their own personal items at stake in later rounds of the game as they answer trivia questions testing their “Guy-Q” (their phrase).

The guys in the first episode wager with an uncle’s WWII uniform, Kenyan beads, and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles collectible.

“It’s the kind of information our wives and girlfriends consider utterly useless, but we know as guys is critically important stuff like building furniture without instructions, knowing every sports stat and movie or TV quote known to mankind and finally settling age-old man-debates like who would be a better wife and mother to your child, Lara Croft or Wonder Woman?” Mohr said. “In the end it’s all about guys protecting their manhood and having bragging rights over their buddies.”

Here’s the first episode, “Hipsters.”

Money Where Your Mouth Is is produced by Believe Entertainment Group’s Dan Goodman, William H. Masterson III and Danny Fishman, along with Mohr and his manager, Barry Katz.

The initial run is 10 episodes, with new episodes debuting online at Hulu on Mondays.