Mayor Mike Bloomberg, other NYC politicians tell jokes, by media’s request?!

My social networking radars informed me late this afternoon that New York City comedians would be on the NBC news at 6 p.m. But why? Did they do something newsworthy? Did the local TV newscast want them to make funny comments on the news? Nope, and noper. Turns out that Mayor Mike Bloomberg and other local candidates for controller, public advocate and Manhattan district attorney were telling jokes. Not as part of some “funniest politician” contest in a comedy club, either? Would you believe they were cracking groaners because the New York Daily News asked them to?¬†I couldn’t believe it, either. And I used to work there!

There’s such a thing as a slow news cycle. There’s also such a thing as a horrible story assignment from an editor. When those two things collide, look out!

No, really. Look out! Because not only do these NYC pols get to suck up space in the Daily News with their lame senses of humor, but then the TV news follows suit. First up, here’s Michael Bloomberg’s joke.

And if you have a weak stomach, then you might want to avoid the rest. Here are the candidate joke outtakes.

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