Twitter Rap Battle: Andy Milonakis v. BoomChicago Amsterdam

And so, the time has come for comedians to weigh in on the fad that is celebrities and everyone else lurching onto the Twitter bandwagon, and changing the fun little thing that few understood into something that millions can now fail to comprehend. So why not rap about it? Here are two slightly different comedy approaches to that.

In order of arrival, first we have BoomChicago from Amsterdam (a group that has graduated more than a few folks to MADtv in past years), which takes Twitter and marries it with rap and pot. Obviously. NSFW.

Andy Milonakis takes almost the same rhythm/vibe, but gives it an instant Hollywood parody element, and also a healthy dash of self-deprecation. Look at all these celebs Tweet Tweeting. And then, he adds in a picture of a baby chick with a kitten, FTW.

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One thought on “Twitter Rap Battle: Andy Milonakis v. BoomChicago Amsterdam

  1. These are funny videos, but you should really be lookin on YouTube for other ones because there’s A LOT of good Twitter raps surprisingly. There’s an unofficial contest on Youtube called the “Twitter Cypher” and underground rappers make a verse talking about how they use twitter. One rapper named Young Frank posted it up on his page, you should check his out and check out the other participants.

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