New York Times seeks a food critic; top editor acknowledges Aziz Ansari’s interest in same

Social media sure is bringing us all together more than ever, isn’t it? Yesterday, the New York Times announced that it was moving Sam Sifton off of his food critic beat to become the paper of record’s national editor. Think of that what you will.

The comedy comes in here.

Michael Endelman, a features editor at Food & Wine magazine, suggested on Twitter that comedian Aziz Ansari take over as the NYT’s food critic. Which Ansari quickly latched onto, writing: “I’M IN!! Where you at @nytimes?”

If you’ve followed Ansari’s stand-up and particularly his blogging on Tumblr, then you are well aware that he does in fact write about food quite a bit — and this week, he’s been involved in a NYC food and fashion project with makeup artist Annamarie Tendler.

This is what Ansari had to say about Torrisi:

Torrisi, how I love you. One of my favorite restaurants in NYC hands down. I’ve had dinner here several times, and this was possibly my favorite menu. Of the appetizers, the staple made to order mozzarella was just unreal and as amazing as ever. All other mozzarella should be embarrassed. My favorite dish, was the main course aka the beef short rib with creamy polenta. GOD DAMN THIS THING IS GOOD. Each piece of beef just made me sink into my seat, my body unable to withstand all the deliciousness. But just when the delicious levels seemed to be maxed out – THE FUCKING CREAMED CORN POLENTA GETS IN THE MIX. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? CREAMED CORN POLENTA!!! Let me say this right here, if you don’t like creamed corn, just fucking get out of my face if you see me in person, we’re never going to get along. The same goes for polenta. Put these two things together, along with that short rib, and wow. I can’t even write about this anymore, cause I’m just going to be miserable that I’m not eating that food right now. Ok, I’m sorry. I’m going to calm down. Let me take a few deep breaths. Ok. I’m good now.

By the way- I was having lunch at Torrisi when they were experimenting with the meatball parm sandwich they are going to serve at Parm (the new sister restaurant opening next door) and I was lucky enough to snag one. Let’s just say. I. fucking. lost. it. SO GOOD. When that place opens, you best do yourself a favor and go eat one. They are also serving them at Yankee stadium right now if you can’t wait for Parm to open later this month. Trust me, this is THE must eat sandwich of 2011. Also, if you are into phrases like “THE must eat sandwich of 2011,” we can be best friends.

Somehow this gets the attention of the New York Times executive editor, Jill Abramson, who had this to say in reply to Ansari on Twitter a few hours later: “thanks for the interest, but we wouldn’t want to distract you from your efforts at Entertainment 720 with Jean-Ralphio.”

Haha. OK. Wait. What? Important things in the world. Important people still have senses of humor. But still.

Entertainment 720 and Jean-Ralphio are fictional things on the TV, although yes, it does reference Ansari’s current gig as an actor on NBC’s Parks and Recreation. So I guess Abramson is endorsing NBC’s Thursday night lineup, then? Or just acknowledging she’s hip and all of that. Either way.

Another sign that the Internet is bringing us all one step closer to the end of the world.

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