A few things to mention before we get back to our regularly scheduled blogging:

— Demetri Martin will co-star with Brad Pitt in the movie adaptation of Moneyball, directed by Steven Soderbergh. Martin will play the stats guy who teams up with Oakland A's GM Billy Beane (Pitt) to change the way baseball executives view the game. (VarietyTHR)
— Would you like to enter another New York Comedy Contest? Postmark and pay for your entries by May 1, because you have to mail it to Boston (yes, Boston), though the contest itself will run June 14-17 at the Comic Strip Live, Eastville Comedy Club, Laugh Lounge, Stand-Up NY and Broadway Comedy Club.
— YouTube has begun offering full-length movies. Among the comedy offerings so far: stand-up specials from Paul Mooney, Pablo Francisco and Zach Galifianakis; the best of collections for Our Gang ("Little Rascals"), Abbott and Costello, and The Three Stooges.