Bob Odenkirk talks about a newly released clip from the HBO sitcom David’s Situation, which he and comedy collaborator David Cross self-aborted before it could ever debut. The clip features Zach Galifianakis visiting Cross, only to find he’s the subject of a TV experiment called "Good Morning, Predator." That’s OK by Zach, so long as he can sing for his supper. Or something like that. It’s amusing and slightly NSFW, but I can see why Bob and David probably looked at it and said, let’s go back to the anti-sitcom sitcom drawing board. As Odenkirk writes on Bob and David: "We all had such a good time that David and I are working on a new show that will let us kick ass. I put this video up because I think it kicks ass." So here it is. Do you think they made the right call?