Getting over David Letterman’s retirement certainly won’t be easy.

It’ll take more than mental feats of strength, or even the final season of The Mentalist — and yet, CBS has chosen the latter for the short-run. Starting Thursday, CBS stations will rebroadcast the final 12 episodes of The Mentalist’s seventh season in the void left behind by Late Show with David Letterman at 11:35 p.m. Eastern/Pacific, 10:35 p.m. Central/Mountain.

Your TV listings and DVR equivalents will show the following episodes of The Mentalist instead of Letterman:

Thursday, May 21: Episode 702 – Nothing But Blue Skies
Friday, May 22: #703 – The Greybar Hotel
Monday, May 25: #701 – Orange Blossom Ice Cream
Tuesday, May 26: #705 – The Silver Briefcase
Wednesday, May 27: #706 – Green Light
Thursday, May 28: #707 – Little Yellow House
Friday, May 29: #708 – The Whites Of His Eyes
Monday, June 1: #709 – Copper Bullet
Tuesday, June 2: #710 – Nothing Gold Can Stay
Wednesday, June 3: #711 – Byzantium
Thursday, June 4: #712 – Brown Shag Carpet
Friday, June 5: #713 – White Orchids

After that? CBS plans to plug in other dramas to fill the summer until Late Show with Stephen Colbert debuts in September.

What, no comedies?