Comedy Central Presents: Jasper Redd

Catching up on old business, I'm here to present highlights from Jasper Redd's first half-hour special with Comedy Central Presents. At first, I have to acknowledge I got a bit worried, as a couple of Redd's early bits cover similar territory as a comedian I know in New York City, but they treat the premises differently enough that I feel it's a matter of parallel thinking. One thing they don't have in common: My acquaintance doesn't wear a big black cowboy hat and look like he might be a rural sheriff's deputy. Other things you may learn about Redd during this special: He won't form a hate group against snorers, nobody hates Hawaiians, car horns should sound like gunshots, "you can't Photoshop blacks into history," and people with herpes are very athletic. Roll the clips!

Sean L. McCarthy

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