While I was busy checking in with my friends — Pete Holmes, Matt McCarthy and Oren Brimer — who got a couple of their friends together, spent $17 and made a Doritos ad that aired during the Super Bowl pre-game show and earned them $25,000 (plus trip to the Super Bowl itself), I completely overlooked the fact that stand-up comedians did star in the winning "Free Doritos" ad that also earned its filmmakers a $1 million bonus by topping the USA Today Ad Meter last night.

They're all from Cincinnati, too. Steve Booth threw the snow globe at the vending machine, while Dave Hyden threw his globe inadvertantly into an old man's crotch. Tyrone Hawkins played the guy grabbing bags of Doritos out of the vending machine and yelling, "Free Doritos!" They're all friends of Rooftop Comedy. Filmmakers Joe and Dave Herbert set up quite the Free Doritos site to promote their clip, which also may have helped generate both attention and votes for the victory. Also of note: The Herberts (with Hawkins) previously made the finals of the Doritos Super Bowl contest in 2007.

Here, again once more, is their winning ad: