About halfway through Brian Scolaro's Comedy Central Presents, the comedian announces he'll now tell some random jokes. That's not the only thing random about his half-hour special. For his backdrop, Scolaro went with a funeral motif, complete with coffin. Odd. Doesn't really even mention it at all, though he does have a couple of minutes about religion and a joke about whether there is food in heaven. He also decides to have a drink on the stool on stage. Not water, but an actual adult beverage. You may have seen Scolaro previously on the short-lived FOX sitcom, Stacked, which also starred Pamela Anderson and Elon Gold. I wish Comedy Central included the clip from Scolaro's routine about cavemen discovering firsts, because I think it's a more interesting bit than the opening number here about his weight and how stoners act differently than drunks, but you'll have to talk to them about that: