SNL’s Whopper Virgins parody

In case you missed it, last week's Saturday Night Live ended with a filmed parody of the Burger King "Whopper Virgins" campaign. The short film showed up online a little late this week on Hulu (and, but it's worth another look. Especially when you compare it to the actual documentary film Burger King made for its ad campaign. You can see that SNL focused squarely on the Romanians, and when you see Michaela Watkins try to figure out how to handle the hamburgers, she's merely re-enacting what actually happened. The antics of Fred Armisen and Bobby Moynihan, on the other hand, resemble things that Americans could think would happen when "the West" introduces its culture to a shell-shocked sheltered community. But, hey, here are the two videos. Watch the parody and the real thing and judge for yourselves.

After the jump, the full-length Burger King documentary on Whopper Virgins. Some of it is more funny weird than funny ha-ha.

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