Comedy Central Presents: Anthony Jeselnik

I don't think I have seen Anthony Jeselnik as much as I did during the 32 minutes he spent onstage last summer taping his Comedy Central Presents, which debuts tonight. In the preview clip below, they kept in two off-hand remarks Jeselnik made dealing with all of the adoration from the audience. When they applaud a little too enthusiastically for the mere mention of Christmas, he quips: "No Jews here, huh?" And then, when plenty of female voices start "WOO"ing when he says he used to be a teacher, he retorts: "Shut up! I don't need teachers hogging my spotlight!"

The rest of his special includes some dark, brutal stuff, but that is his wont. Other things I noticed during the taping: When he had to take another try on a joke, he yelled at the crowd in jest: "Go f@$& yourselves!" There was a woman with a walkie-talkie from the crew that got a little loud 19 minutes into his set. Also, there's a bit of lighting magic for his joke about "you don't know pain." Get ready to see more of Anthony Jeselnik in the years to come.

Sean L. McCarthy

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