The second live episode of Wasp Cove, the soap opera musical set in the 1980s, debuts tonight at Comix (as they say) before a live studio audience. It’s the creation of Julie Klausner and Rachel Shukert, and if last month’s premiere episode was any indication, it’s a footloose and fanciful production that delights in skewering not only the conventions of soap opera but also TV commercials and, as they joked last month, "Ed Koch-era New York." It’s ostensibly about estranged sisters Daryl Van Hampton (Klausner), a big-time fashionista who’d scare Anna Wintour, and Donna Kettering (Shukert), a Connecticut wife dealing with the demons and scandals of yuppie life. It all moves very quickly. Perhaps too quickly. But then again, this is a full soap opera they’re pulling off. Wasp Cove also has a Tumblr. If you miss tonight’s action, you’ll have to wait until July 28 for the next installment.

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