Sarah Silverman held a conference call with the "media" this afternoon to help promote the third season of The Sarah Silverman Program, which debuts Feb. 4 on Comedy Central. Many questions asked of her, and a few even had to do with the TV show. One question for her that most certainly had nothing to do with it asked who was the cute guy Silverman was seen dining with earlier this week.

Alec_Sulkin She revealed she has a new boyfriend, and his name is Alec Sulkin. Sulkin is a writer and producer on FOX's animated hit, Family Guy, and also has brought his voice to that show as well as spin-off The Cleveland Show. You can tell she digs him, not just because she told all of us about him on the conference call, but also because, well, just check out Sarah Silverman's list of Favorites on Twitter.

When someone else asked Silverman what she looks for in a guy, she said, among other things: "He's got to be funny." Obviously. Silverman added: "Also, we enjoy a lot of 'Modern Warfare'" and playing the video games. "What I'm saying is: I'm 10."

OK. This ends your salacious comedy "news" item. Now back to some actual news about comedy.