Following up on the comments from my earlier post on parallel thinking that paralyzed strippers are always funny, stand-up comedian Sam Tripoli has the footage from his Premium Blend appearance on Comedy Central, when he got physical for his closing bit about seeing a paralyzed stripper (at Spearmint Rhino, no less, which must be the strip club of choice for West Coast comedy references!). He got big applause then (and an afterthought from host D.L. Hughley), though a Harper’s Magazine article from November 2001 thought his bit during Montreal New Faces didn’t get the same kind of love.

For my part, I think it’s all rather odd and amusing that before Saturday night, I hadn’t seen a single sketch that showcased a paralyzed stripper, and now I have seen three. To be fair to Casey Wilson, though, she takes it farther by going quadriplegic, requiring her to maintain character as Dusty Velvet while relying on someone else to make her move it, move it. She certainly cannot bounce around like Tripoli does in the clip below:

Sam Tripoli gets a standing O on CC