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Happy accident or funny coincidence? After filing my 2007 income taxes, I peered into my mailbox and to what did my wondering eyes appear but my first official commission check from sales you kind readers have purchased via The Comic’s Comic. Thank you for that.

And it dawned on me. I’ve finally earned income in 2008. It’s not much at all to look at right now, especially this initial check, though it reminds me that all of the work I put into the site may eventually pay literal dividends. But I need much more support to make this site a long-term success. Toward that goal, I will begin offering ads and already today I have placed a tip jar on the right-hand column (it’s the new highlighted box that says Fund Me!). The headline above says it’s for donations. Since it’s tax day, perhaps you’d rather think of me as your own personal charity case, a tax write-off. I hope and trust, however, that you’d like to invest in me and The Comic’s Comic so I can truly live up to the tagline I wrote in creating this site and and make it your definitive guide to comedy.

If you’re a comedian, you know that I’ve been in your shoes and take what you do seriously. Even when it seems we’re merely fooling around.

If you’re in the comedy industry, you know that I will give the funny
business the attention, respect and critical feedback it deserves. Comedy is not a lesser performing art. So why not cover it with as much depth and analysis as the media covers the other performing arts?

if you’re a comedy fan, you know you can come here every day and learn
something new, whether it’s finding out more about your favorite performers, or discovering a new comedian or rising talent that’s worth your time and money.

Just clicking onto my site, and clicking again here to read past the jump, proves that you care about comedy. I’m glad to have you here. You’re welcome to come back anytime. If you enjoy this site, please spread the word to other comedians and comedy fans. As a one-man operation, I can use all of the moral support I can get in the form of readership. And of course, your financial support is welcome, too. This is my day job and my night job. I don’t want to quit it just yet.

Sean L. McCarthy

Editor and publisher since 2007, when he was named New York's Funniest Reporter. Former newspaper reporter at the New York Daily News, Boston Herald and smaller dailies and community papers across America. Loves comedy so much he founded this site.

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One thought on “Now accepting donations via PayPal

  1. Sadly, I just made a huge career change from working in an office while my wife stayed home with the kids, to my wife working while I stay home with the kids and try to launch a career in blogging/writing/and whatever else I can think of. So while I can’t financially donate anything, I fully support and endorse The Comic’s Comic. I think this is a great blog.

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