Meet the Walsh Brothers

David and Chris Walsh, pride and joy of Charlestown, Mass.

David and Chris Walsh in some ways resemble the Smothers Brothers as they tell their tales.
But the Walsh boys don’t play musical instruments or fling yo-yos, they often dress in T-shirts and jeans, and they’re completely over-the-top ridiculous.
Which is why they’ve been a hit many late Thursday nights at ImprovBoston in Inman Square, and Friday nights at The Comedy Studio in Harvard Square. Tomorrow, they ditch the skits and short stories to recount their attempts to be discovered at this summer’s Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal.
Perhaps if they had used one of their many prop mustaches, the Walshes could’ve crossed the border a bit easier.
David: "We’ve got these six-way adjustable mustaches, which are inaccurate because we can adjust them 20 different ways and play 20 different characters.”
Chris: "It’s not hiding anything, though.”
Fans soon wanted their own fake ‘staches. Some receive them as prizes along with membership into The Walsh Bros. mustache club.
Chris: "It was just a silly thing that became a good idea.”
David: "We’re paying it forward.”
Chris: "We found if we bought six mustaches we were wearing two and giving four away. They found it just as fun as we did when we were f—ing around doing silly characters. Dave always has three mustaches in his pocket because whenever there’s a dull moment, you just pull out a mustache. On the bus or the train, no one really acts goofy. No one says that guy’s goofy or that guy’s a weirdo, because they’re just laughing.”
David: "It’s instant fun. Everywhere you pull it out, people want to put it on. No matter how disgusting that sounds, people want to put it on. When I was working at the State House, I’d work at the door. If I knew the person coming around the corner wasn’t going to flip out . . .”
Out comes the mustache.
David: "Everyone would give you a smile. Everyone is having a good time.”
Chris: "It’s almost a silliness divining rod.”
Their Montreal tale involves a box of 200 mustaches. How many will be worn during the show and how many will go home with fans?
David: "I don’t know. We’re pretty selective, too. Not everybody gets one.”
Chris: "Well, anyone who demands one.”

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