“The Retreat” at Edinburgh Fringe 2023

*** (out of 5)

For one hour only, you’re cast in the role of an employee at the fake company, Men-ses Period Panties. Of course, you’ve volunteered for this mission, but in the fictional world where people buy and sell Men-ses, the company’s executives (played by Rebekka Johnson and Anne Gregory), your presence is mandatory.

What follows is a campy satire of capitalism and corporate morale-boosting, combined with a variety show. The variety element truly changes nightly, inviting three or four different acts from elsewhere around the Fringe to entertain us, the employees. That may include a stand-up comedian, drag queens, a clown or performance artist, and finally a musical act. Kate Nash, who not only co-starred with Johnson on Netflix’s GLOW but also produced this Fringe run, showed up multiple nights in the first half of the run to perform.

It’s all a nice, fun diversion which helps promote other acts at the Fringe. But I couldn’t help but wonder and yearn for a version of this show that eschewed the guest performances to focus purely on parodying the delusions of late-stage capitalist C-suiters run amok.

The Retreat runs through Aug. 27 at Underbelly Cowgate, Big Belly

Sean L. McCarthy

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