Claire Woolner: “A Retrospection” at Edinburgh Fringe 2023

**** (out of 5)

Claire knows that Claire’s work seems inaccessible, tough to contextualize.

Despite moments that you could easily categorize, such as when she’s paying homage to Marina Abramović, or to Britney Spears. Woolner can come across as aggressive at times, although to be fair, she is part clown, part performance artist. Aggression comes as defined character traits with those territories. But what’s most impressive is how emotionally vulnerable and raw she can get. Both when she’s ecstatic, and when she’s openly weeping. She’s wide open. Woolner may already have earned at least one five-star review at this Fringe, but she never feels as it’ll ever be enough. Because she’s her own harshest critic. Woolner definitely deserves better than the free Fringe. She’s worth so much more than that.

Claire Woolner: A Retrospection runs through Aug. 27 at Banshee Labyrinth

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