Chloe Radcliffe: “Cheat,” at Edinburgh Fringe 2023

***1/2 (out of 5)

Chloe Radcliffe describes her Edinburgh Fringe debut as “a one-woman show, but a 29-man show.” Or as she also says (which you can read in the show description), she is a serial monogamist who’s very bad at one of those words. But why has she cheated in almost all of her adult relationships? And does that make her a bad person? Are the circumstances or expectations different for women than for men? Are her parents to blame? What defines a romantic cheater, anyhow? Radcliffe provides her own answers to these questions in this highly vulnerable hour. She also reveals how she has been trying to process her emotional needs even when she was just a seven-year-old, and she wonders how much of her current decision-making abilities have changed since “outside Chloe” got hot.

But the most pivotal question, perhaps, is one she’s also savvy enough to raise herself: Does all of this sound as though she’s still really looking for The One who’ll get her to stop cheating?

Chloe Radcliffe: Cheat runs through Aug. 27 at Pleasance Courtyard Bunker Three

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