I’ve been a fan of Dave Waite’s onstage persona and joke tags since I first saw him several years ago as a Cincinnati stand-up comedian competing in the Boston Comedy Festival contest.

Waite now lives in New York City. Last week, he destroyed at a showcase for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. So. No surprise. Last night, Waite made his network TV debut on the program. Let’s roll the clip!

Waite toned down his persona just a little bit for his TV appearance.┬áIf you liked what you saw and heard above, though, then you should check out his 2011 CD, “Kaboom.” In audio-only form, you’re not getting the full Dave Waite experience. But it’s still an enjoyable romp, as Waite makes fun of his own creepy opening and employs self-deprecation and funny tags to great effect throughout his set, which includes elaborations on his college degree and time spent working for Delta Airlines (both mentioned briefly above in his Fallon set).

Buy Dave Waite’s “Kaboom” via iTunes here:

Kaboom - Dave Waite