Laurie Kilmartin, stand-up comedian and writer for Conan on TBS, recently lost her mother to COVID-19. Kilmartin live-Tweeted her experience, as she had when her father died from lung cancer a few years earlier. But Kilmartin could spend those final hours with her father by his bedside, in home hospice. The coronavirus pandemic kept Kilmartin away from her mom, connected only via iPad FaceTime, for almost all of her mom’s final week from catching COVID-19 to dying from it. Her mom had been hospitalized for shortness of breath, then admitted to a nursing home to rehabilitate, only to contract coronavirus and die a week later.

Whether or not you followed @anylaurie16, you can see and hear for yourself how Kilmartin is coping now, as she shared her experiences with her boss, Conan O’Brien, for Wednesday’s night show.

She wanted everyone to know what it’s like when someone you love dies from COVID-19.