If you like watching gamers online but wish they were funnier, then perhaps Backseat Gamer is the series for which you’ve been waiting.

Comedy Dynamics will produce 12 episodes of Backseat Gamer, in which four comedians riff on the action while a fifth person plays a popular video game. It’ll all happen on Mixer, Microsfot’s new interactive livestreaming service.

Viewers can also weigh in with comments, as well as votes for their favorite comedians.

“It’s an absolute honor and joy to be working in the live space with Mixer and I’m sure the world will love what we cook up together!” said Comedy Dynamics CEO Brian Volk-Weiss.

Backseat Gamer will debut April 13, with a special episode showcased at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in June. Backseat Comics will be executive produced by Comedy Dynamics’ Volk-Weiss, Cisco Henson and AJ Tesler as well as Mixer’s Richard Winn and Edward Capuano.