Review: Iliza Shlesinger, “Unveiled” on Netflix

For her fifth Netflix comedy special, Iliza focused on her wedding, deconstructing the whole process for laughs.

As I wrote last year:

Having gone through the process of getting married, Iliza knows firsthand that nobody wants wedding advice, and yet as a comedian who has already “written four f—ing Netflix specials” about young women and their dating and mating rituals, she’s perfectly positioned to do just that.

For all of the hashtag phrases, two of my favorite bits from Iliza’s new special are ones she rushes through, almost as if she doesn’t want to give you too much time to process them, but does want to reward viewers or listeners who do pay attention.

One is a line she casually tosses off in respect to why women can’t show off their always-present aggressiveness. The other comes within a series of jokes she makes at the expense of the guys you see in every groom’s set of groomsmen at a wedding reception, where Iliza digs deep into the real reasons why the funny groomsman never became a successful stand-up comic himself.

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