Review: George Lopez, “We’ll Do It For Half” on Netflix

After a Showtime debut and four follow-up specials on HBO, George Lopez has made the leap to Netflix.

Why? Is it the money? We’ll Do It For Half, Lopez jokingly calls his special.

Much of it is a reintroduction to Lopez and his family and his Latino and Mexican culture.

At 59, Lopez finds himself reflecting a lot, but not too deeply.

A lot of the jokes stick to the surface. Bodily functions deteriorating? Check. Kids get away with too much because parents don’t discipline them like they used to? Check. He circles back around these topics, but it’s unclear what message he wants to leave us with.

In the final minutes, he seems to land on one message. Black and Latino Americans are not enemies of the state. Even if a Latino president might seem like a pipe-dream fantasy to fed to children by their elders, the reality Lopez wants to remind us of is that Latino Americans aren’t shooting up schools or businesses, aren’t calling the police unnecessarily out of fear of white people encroaching on their supposed turf, aren’t the culprits of domestic terrorism.

But then, he goes off on a tangent imagining how he’d react if a teacher wanted to have sex with him as a child.

So yeah, the message is a bit muddled. But in the end, you still come away with some laughs, particularly if you fall into the same demographics as Lopez.


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