If you want to know a lot about Bert Kreischer, then listen to my podcast with him recorded live at Montreal’s Just For Laughs two summers ago.

If you want to know why Bert performs shirtless, it’s mostly a party trick that became a habit, and now he’s simply more comfortable that way. As Bert told me recently, Bill Burr said it best after performing with him on a recent lineup at The Comedy Store: “I guess we take the shirt off when it matters.”

So of course he’s topless for his first Netflix special, Secret Time.

As I described in my review for Decider.com:

In recent years, Kreischer has evolved or devolved, depending upon your perspective, from Van Wilder into the Captain Caveman of comedy.

Equal parts storytelling superhero and affable oaf, he describes his new hour of stand-up simply: “We’re just getting drunk and telling secrets.”

Truth is, there are no secrets in Kreischer’s life.

And everyone is quite happy to go along with him for the ride of fatherly and not-so-fatherly revelations.