Sam Morril and Mark Normand both had hourlong stand-up specials on Comedy Central. For their follow-ups in 2020, though, neither could convince Comedy Central, or anyone else, to broadcast them on regular, cable or streaming TV. So they each went to YouTube — after self-producing their tapings.

They connected over Zoom earlier this week to talk about the process, comment on each other’s hours, and more.

Normand pointed out how important it has been for him to appear on the “big” comedy podcasts to promote and get people clicking.

Watch and maybe learn!

Comedy Central did put Morril’s 2020 special on its own YouTube channel, where it has picked up more than 2.5 million views since coming out on Feb. 11.

Normand, meanwhile, already has more than 900,000 views in the first week since his 2020 special came out May 12.