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Appreciating the taped musings of The Chris Gethard Show in season two on Fusion

The second season of the Fusion edition of The Chris Gethard Show comes to a close tonight with an epic wrestling match pitting Gethard against his nemesis Vacation Jason. Plus an appearance from Jon Hamm! And the extremely expensive visions of Julio Torres?

Yes, TCGS was never an ordinary call-in talk show, and always an extraordinary one.

This season, it’s even more extra. Fusion gave TCGS an extra half-hour.

Gethard’s second season on Fusion not only has featured special guests such as Diddy (Sean Combs), Hamm, Colin Quinn, Lena Dunham, John Hodgman and John Starks, Pete Holmes, Jerrod Carmichael for a family dinner, and Maria Bamford taking phone calls about mental illness, but also, the hourlong format has allowed Gethard and his crew of improvisers, stand-ups and cut-ups to go outside the studio for extended bits, sketches and short films. Many of them feature the assorted comedians who populate The Chris Gethard Show Community, including Jo Firestone, Murf Meyer, Will Miles, Connor Ratliff and Julio Torres.

Sit back and enjoy some of them now, won’t you?

The Chris Gethard Show’s second-season finale airs tonight at 10 ET/PT on Fusion.

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