Testimonials from Tiffany Haddish for the comedians in “They Ready” on Netflix

Tiffany Haddish used her leverage in show business, circa 2019, to get some of her friends on Netflix, too.

Who’d she pick and why? Let’s let Haddish explain in her own words why each of the six comedians in They Ready were ready for their own half-hours.

Tracey Ashley

“Here’s the thing about Tracey Ashley: She’s the only female comic that’s Black that I know that has done cruise ships, colleges, executive parties, bar mitzvahs — well, she ain’t do bar mitzvahs. I do the bar mitzvahs, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she did a mitzvah. She has done it all. If you didn’t know Tracey Ashley before, oh, you gonna know her now.”

Flame Monroe

“Flame is one of my favorite comedians. I think that Flame is brave, funny, fiery, inspiring, joyous. I love me some Flame Monroe, and I know you do, too.”

Aida Rodriguez

“Aida Rodriguez is one of my favorite comedians. She’s talking about the things that are real to her being a mom, being a woman. She’s always her true self. And that, to me, is beautiful.”

Marlo Williams

“I always looked at her as a big sister. She’s from the same place I’m from, been through the same type of things I’ve been through. She will say exactly what she think, how she think it, because she don’t give a fuck. That’s Aunty Marlo.”

April Macie

“April Macie is unlike any other comedian. She speaks about what’s true to her heart, and she is not afraid to talk about what makes her feel good. She wants women to not feel any shame about their sexuality or about their body. Like, that’s your thing and you should be proud of it.”

Chaunté Wayans

“The girl is hilarious. She has a little different flair to her. She want to be who she is in her skin, and not conform to anything ‘society’ says she is supposed to be. And I think that’s super dope.”

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