Review: Doug Stanhope, “No Place Like Home” (Seeso)

Doug Stanhope‘s new hour of stand-up comedy is so great, I officially signed up for Seeso.

Here are a couple of money quotes from Stanhope’s new hour.

In which he considers ISIS a threat. To his comedy.

“I’ve never felt threatened by any comedian. I’ve never had a comedic rival that worried me. If you’re into the weird s— that I do, I’m the only guy selling. It’s a very small, niche fan base of weird people that’ll fly from all over the world to come and sit in 150 seats. Jeff Dunham and Peanut is playing across the street for free. You’re not flipping a coin. You’re here. I got you. No comic has threatened me. ISIS worries me.”

On learning that Robin Williams had emailed Louis CK to say that Stanhope’s episode of Louie featured “the most powerful dialogue I have ever seen on the subject of suicide,” only to later commit suicide himself:

“That’s nice! Pat on the back! Made me think perhaps even the lowly-rated Doug Stanhope might have influenced the great Robin Williams in the last days of his career. Maybe I am reaching people.”

I compare Stanhope to both Hunter S. Thompson and Henry David Thoreau, and also to professional wrestlers! What can I say? Stanhope really moved me with this hour.

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