Look. I hope this isn’t a spoiler, but you’re going to see what Whitney Cummings looks like as a sex robot, and you’re going to see her and her robot likeness together onstage for half of this Netflix special.

Can you touch it? No. But you can look all you want.

And if you stick around after the stand-up, you can watch a mini-doc about how they made a robot that looked just like Cummings.

As for the comedy, it all sets up, or as I headlined it over at Decider, embraces our robot future.

Cummings openly jokes about how joking about the relationships between men and women has financially made her career. And in this hour for Netflix, she realizes what men really want out of a relationship. To Whit:

So Cummings makes the case for the sex robot: “We have to remember, any time there was real progress for women in history, there was some kind of technological advance that took over the chores that women did in the home, so women could move outside the home.” The robot is merely another appliance, not one that’s taking jobs away from women, but one that’s removing chores. Robots aren’t replacing women, she argues. They aren’t taking care of men, but rather, making men take care of them.

And after doing the research, Cummings realized she not only could overcome her own fears, but help a generation of human women do the same, by building and testing her own “Robot Whitney” (which she decides she has to rename).

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