For all of the special live editions of late-night talk shows happening right now, by far my favorite dissection of the state of American politics now by comedians is happening now in an almost live fashion by Comedy Central’s This Week at the Comedy Cellar.

Courtesy of two correspondents from The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: Ronny Chieng and Roy Wood Jr.

In this week’s installment, airing tonight but taped earlier this week at the Olive Tree Cafe above the Cellar, Wood explains the “Kool-Aid” reference Cory Booker was making, and Chieng makes his case for Andrew Yang. Plus topical stand-up on the 2020 election campaigning from Ryan Hamilton, Sherrod Small, Chloe Hilliard and others.

I could watch this every week instead of the talk shows, the spinning pundits and especially instead of Showtime’s The Circus.

Roll the clip!