Review: Mike Epps, “Only One Mike” on Netflix

Getting recognized as Day-Day still after almost 20 years since his appearance in the Friday movie sequels is a saving grace for comedian and actor Mike Epps. As he’s quick to acknowledge and joke about. Or even not so quick to mention, in the case of his second Netflix comedy special, Only One Mike.

As I wrote for Decider:

At 48, Epps is a grown man with four daughters, young women now at the age where they’re bringing young men around the house.

This presents humorous dilemmas for the comedian. Has a lifetime of lying and cheating on women come back to haunt him, both by having to raise young girls and by watching them date younger versions of himself? As Epps jokes: “I asked the doctor, ‘What did I do wrong?’” And yet. At the same time, Epps will joke about bonding with the young men seeking to bed his daughters, and go one perverted step further, acting out a scenario in which he finds a sneaky way to flash his daughters’ friends when they come to visit.

Read my full review in Decider.

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