Tiffany Haddish has become a comedy star in 2017, bursting forth from supporting player on NBC’s The Carmichael Show to scene-stealer on the big screen in Girls Trip, and this fall will co-star with Tracy Morgan in the new TBS comedy, The Last O.G.

This past weekend, Haddish got to shine solo in her first hour comedy special, She Ready! From the Hood to Hollywood! on Showtime.

And yes, she ready.

From my review in Decider:

Comedy provided Haddish with a way out of a troubled childhood that included growing up in foster care from age 11. Haddish told me all about it last year in my podcast, Last Things First, including finding the Laugh Factory Comedy Camp as a teenager and later overcoming a period when she had to sleep in her car.

But here, for Showtime, it’s all kept light. The tetherball court at school provided her with opportunities to release tension and also fight back against a bully. And Haddish jokes that each of her foster families, from the Hispanic family to the Jewish family and later her grandmother’s custody all taught her valuable lessons that come in handy to this day. “I feel like a well-rounded individual.” Even if Grandma’s allegory about treating the female body like a house may have come two years too late for Haddish to put it to best use.

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