Feel like you’re not seeing enough yet of new Saturday Night Live cast member Beck Bennett?

Sure, you could just wait for another commercial break on TV and hope that it’s one of his AT&T ads at the little kids table. Or you could watch this behind-the-scenes montage of SNL’s hair and makeup people making Bennett up to look like award-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Notice they have photos of Hoffman in front of the mirror to look at while they work their TV magic on Bennett. Also nice to know they didn’t have to rush for time as the “50 Shades of Grey” screen test sketch wasn’t live, but rather pre-taped earlier last week.

Also also: You’ll notice Taran Killam already made up to look like Christoph Waltz standing in the background, and maybe even another cast member in the room. Or was that Miley Cyrus?

Either way, roll the clip.

You could check out the full “50 Shades” screen test sketch, as well as all of last week’s SNL with host/musical guest Miley Cyrus, in my recap.