Stand-up comedian Tig Notaro apparently has been living Under A Rock. Notaro claims she doesn’t watch a lot of TV or movies, or pay attention to pop culture, and hasn’t for a while.

So for this new Funny or Die webseries, she’s hosting a talk show with celebrities she doesn’t know, and trying to figure out who they are.

Here’s the premiere episode, out today!


Starring: Tig Notaro & James Van Der Beek

Director: Amy Landecker
Executive Producer: Tig Notaro
Executive Producer: Stephanie Allynne
Executive Producer: Thomas Oullette
Executive Producer: Rowan Wheeler
Executive Producer: Mike Farah
Executive Producer: Brian Toombs
Executive Producer: Chris Bruss
Associate Producer: Jessica Dollin

Head Writer: Thomas Oullette
Writer: Jon Mackey
Consultant: Lauren Pomerantz
Consultant: Kyle Dunnigan
Writers Assistant: Marla Black