IFC’s Maron returns for its second season tonight.

Maron remains very quasi-autobiographical in an almost The Newsroom way, re-enacting the recent past travails of stand-up comedian and podcaster Marc Maron and spinning them in heightened and colorful ways for the sake of a TV situation-comedy universe.

So it’s nice to see the real Maron here inside his real garage (not the loving fictional version built for the TV series) reflecting on his real life.

“Inside Maron’s Garage” includes six webisodes.

But first, for #TBT, here is my video shot inside Maron’s garage during the recording of WTF with Marc Maron, Episode #26, back in November 2009.

Maron on real Marc vs. TV Marc:

Maron on his comedic and life origins:

Marc on how his WTF with Marc Maron podcast changed his life:

Maron on fan art:

Maron on music — he’s a rabid vinyl album collector in real life and in one of the episodes of season two of Maron on IFC:

And Maron on his garage: