Brendan Schaub, a former UFC fighter who has turned to podcasting and now stand-up comedy, released his first comedy special over the weekend on Showtime.

All of this talking has presumably softened the rough edges of this heavyweight fighter.

Although You’d Be Surprised aims to let audiences know he’s always been a bit of a softy.

In the first half-hour, Schaub accomplishes this through self-deprecation, mocking his own fashion sense and his weekly haircut habit. He wears tight jeans and prefers renting a convertible Mini Cooper to a monster truck. He doesn’t see himself joining pals Callen and Rogan on their hunting trips. “It’s not my thing, man.”

He makes light of the fact that bros might react to all of his choices by calling him gay, but then also jokingly recounts how he debated himself about masturbating to the Hulk Hogan sex tape, or about offering oral sex to a random man just because he was that high the first time he tried marijuana (and recalling it much later in a bit about seeing Leo DiCaprio at his last UFC fight).

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