Review: Louis CK “2017” on Netflix

I saw Louis C.K. perform at the end of his current tour in Boston and came away from that performance both thankful for the opportunity to see him live in a theater instead of an arena or a drop-in short set at a club, and looking forward to reviewing the filmed version of Louis C.K. 2017 for Netflix. Not disappointed yesterday to see the results again onscreen.

As I wrote for my review in Decider:

It’s 2017, the year Christians decided we’d all observe, whether we’re actually observant Jews, Muslims, Hindus or working off of a Chinese calendar. Which means, as he jokes in 2017, CK’s first stand-up special for Netflix, “The year 3 wasn’t the year 3 during the year 3.” This is the year seemingly all of the greatest living stand-up comedians will release a new special on Netflix, which makes it all the more significant to note that CK has laid down the gauntlet, not only owning the year with his title for this tight 74-minute performance, but challenging Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld, Brian Regan, all comers and even Dave Chappelle (who, remember, is recording a brand-new special later this year in addition to the two specials he released from his vault in March) to prove there’s someone better onstage right now.

2017 shows CK back at the height of his comedic prowess. It’s easily his most cohesive special in several years.

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Note: The special ends with CK coming out for his encore. At my stop in Boston, Louis joked about sharing new jokes with Todd Glass — which he just shared on his visit with The Tonight Show the other night — and another funny bit that may or may not become his SNL monologue when he hosts again this coming Saturday.

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