Review: Ron Funches, “Giggle Fit” on Comedy Central

Ron Funches kicked off Comedy Central’s month of stand-up specials in January, and he’s a great choice to do so.

Start your morning, your week, your month, your year off right with an hour of Funches, who is full of giggly pleasure. He’s not the kind of comedian who rants about the things in this world that upset him. Oh no. “I just talk about things I love and enjoy,” Funches tells us early in Giggle Fit.

Topping that list: Weed and wrestling. Both figure into an opening fantasy sequence featuring wrestling legend Ric Flair.

The younger RF enters his own personal ring, bursting through a photo of an even younger, fatter version of RF. Funches tosses off his wrestling robe to reveal a sharp suit jacket and tie.

His voice vacillates octaves, from a high-pitched falsetto into a growl, cartoonishly, accompanied by a Cheshire Cat shit-eating grin. But can you blame him? His TV, film and stand-up career have all taken off since he recorded a half-hour for Comedy Central five years ago in 2014. So he can dress up like one of his neighbors who actually works for a living. “I just got to get high and then mumble into a microphone. Did you realize that’s a lucrative profession?”

It helps that his list of enjoyable things to giggle about is lengthy, and includes watching reality series such as Naked and Afraid, The Great British Bake-Off, and RuPaul’s Drag Race. Of the latter, he describes it thusly: “It’s like UFC, The Voice and Say Yes to the Dress all wrapped up in one!”

Not everything in Funches’s life is so easy, though.

He did weigh 360 pounds before dropping 140 of those lbs., and he parents a teen son with autism, which results in scenarios such as eating pizzas pantsless.

And while his mom, and The Rock, are both super-cool about his burgeoning bromance, his mother still has to cope with Funches dating white women.

But that’s a story for another hour, perhaps.

Watch Ron Funches: Giggle Fit on Comedy Central.

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